Rehabilitation Treatment Services

Treatment Intervention Court

OARS CT facilitates groups for the Courts Administration Authority (CAA) Treatment Intervention Court Program on a weekly basis. The groups use Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT) which focuses on modifying participant’s thoughts, beliefs and behaviours. MRT is a 12-week Program where participants are expected to present a module each week. The group is designed to be peer facilitated whereby participants on higher steps assist newer participants in the Program. In addition to this, participants on the program are provided with a Staying Quit program which is a complimentary Program to MRT and focuses on Relapse Prevention strategies. Potential participants are referred in via the CAA who also assess for eligibility.

Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services

 The Drug and Alcohol Treatment Service (DaATS) is a free and confidential service funded by the Department of Health. DaATS provides therapeutic services to adults at risk, or currently involved in the criminal justice system. The program utilises client centred approaches to reduce the harms associated with substance use. DaATS utilises a Staged Service Delivery model which includes an intake and eligibility assessment that determines which service within DaATS will best address the needs of the client. Services include: individual counselling; drug awareness; relapse prevention and Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART) groups. Referrals are received by other agencies or by the individual themselves.  Please call OARS CT on 8218 0700 to commence the referral process, or for further information on SMART groups please visit for group locations.

Individual counselling

Clients who have been assessed as suitable for this intervention complete a criminogenic need assessment which assists to develop a treatment plan and set client centred goals. Counselling sessions incorporate harm minimisation and abstinence based approaches and may include the following: education and information; cravings and high risk situations; ways to reduce the harm associated with substance use and relapse prevention plans. Referrals to internal and external services are completed to address client need to reduce the likelihood of relapse and recidivism.

Drug Awareness

DaATS provides a Drug Awareness Program that consists of three sessions for clients who are pre-contemplative or contemplative about making changes to their substance use. The Program addresses motivation to change and allows participants to identify what is important to them and provides them with ideas of what they can do to start making changes in their lives.

Relapse Prevention

DaATS provides a Relapse Prevention Program for clients who require assistance to prevent lapsing/relapsing. The Relapse Prevention Program comprises five sessions and includes the following: values; motivation; SMART goals; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT); cravings; high risk situations and early warning signs; coping skills; assertive communication; refusal skills; self-esteem; mental health and early warning signs; anger; stress; personal Relapse Prevention plan.

SMART Recovery

SMART Recovery is a type of peer support or ‘mutual aid’ group for individuals who have an issue with addiction (e.g. drug or alcohol, gambling, tobacco, video games, and pornography). Its core principles involve increasing motivation to change behaviours, improving problem-solving skills, coping with urges, and developing balance in life.

The Rehabilitation Treatment Services team facilitate a SMART Recovery group in the Murray Bridge community every Tuesday, and have previously run groups in the Adelaide Women’s Prison and Cadell Training Centre.

There is no formal referral pathway for our Murray Bridge group, attendance is voluntary and free, and it is open to all members of the public. For further information on this group, please call 8218 0700 and ask to speak to a member of the Rehabilitation Treatment Services team or search for the group at

A number of SMART Recovery groups are run in Adelaide and other SA locations by other agencies, and details of these meetings can also be found on the link above.

For further information regarding any of the Rehabilitation Treatment Services programs please contact the Manager Rehabilitation Treatment Services or a Team Leader on 8218 0700.

Domestic Violence Intervention Program

OARS CT facilitates groups for the Domestic Violence Abuse Prevention Program (DVAPP) and potential participants are referred in via the Courts Administration Authority (CAA).

As part of the DVAPP, the CAA assesses for eligibility for the following programs:

  • Moral Reconation Therapy (MRT)
  • Safe Relationships or
  • Individual counselling

MRT is a 26-week program that focuses on the men accepting responsibility for their behaviours by challenging and modifying their beliefs, attitudes and behaviours related to family abuse/violence. MRT also explores time out strategies to assist the men to defuse and remove themselves from a situation before behaviour escalates to abusive.

The 12 week Safe Relationships Group Program was developed for participants with literacy and language barriers, and for first time domestic violence offenders. The Safe Relationships Program uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to address the following: types of abuse; contributing factors to abuse; core beliefs; values; cognitive distortions and restructuring of thoughts; gender inequality; cycle of abuse; responsibility and equality; anger; SMART goals (relationship); impact of family abuse/violence; stress; assertive communication; and risk management plans.

One to One Counselling is offered to DVAPP participants who have been assessed by the CAA as being unable to participate in a group setting. These sessions are for men who have language barriers and need the assistance of an interpreter service, or participants who may have mental health issues, or men presenting with disabilities such as legal blindness.

Counselling, Health & Substance Management

The Counselling Health & Substance Management (CHaSM) Program is a Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program which provides a stepped care continuum for the management of drug and alcohol misuse. The service is for people who have been recently released from the custody of the Department for Correctional Services.

The CHaSM program provides one-on-one Drug and Alcohol counselling, Self-Management and Recovery Training groups (SMART), Relapse Prevention Groups and Case Management that will address Co-Morbid issues as well, eg: mental health and barriers to reintegration. This service is available at three locations: Adelaide, Port Adelaide and Christies Beach.

Holistic ‘wraparound’ case management will address other presenting domains that may impact on the effectiveness of reintegration back into the community context that is best for each person. Advocacy and referrals to appropriate external services are a feature of the total intervention.

This program is funded and supported by the Primary Health Network.

Gambling Support Service

OARS CT Gambling Support Service provides a confidential service to people with problem gambling who have had involvement, or are at risk of involvement, in the criminal justice system.  OARS CT also provides counselling and support for significant others to ensure the greatest possibility for a successful outcome.

The components of the service include:

  • 1 to 1 counselling and case management
  • Family support
  • Court support
  • Gambling and mental health interventions
  • Internal and external referrals as required
  • Support at Court appearances
  • Liaison with lawyers/legal aid
  • Outreach to Yatala, Adelaide Women’s Prison, Mobilong, Adelaide Pre -release Centre, Adelaide Remand Centre and home visits in special circumstances

To make a referral, contact Rehabilitation Treatment Services Team Manager, Tricia Oats on 82180700 or send us an email

This service is funded by the Office for Problem Gambling.

Gambling Intervention Program

This program is currently under review.